We provide maximum security for your money.

Through thorough verification, secure data storage, employee vetting, and compliance with all available regulations, we guarantee the safety, stability, and reliability of the platform and all transactions. With Weld Money, your capital is under reliable protection.

We share two security perimeters:


The External Security Perimeter – is the world-wide network, the Internet

What does it mean:

  • meanBasic

    Basic authorization

  • meanCdn

    Cdn, dnf, firewallet, cloudflare

  • meanGwt

    GWT (2-factor authentication, code by mail)

  • meanPasswords

    Passwords created by the user in the system are checked according to a pattern that implements OWASP recommendations.

  • meanProtocol

    Using the protocol HTTPS TLS 1.2+

  • meanRelease

    Vulnerability scanning through an internal CICD tool

  • meanPenetration

    Penetration test for each public release

The internal perimeter of security – workstations available for product development

What does it mean:

  • meanNoDeveloper

    No developer works with real keys because there is a process where the keys are stored in security certificate stores (Keystores), which are adapted, at the time of launching the application, by the software, ensuring the anonymity of key storage in the system.

  • meanNoOne

    No one can change productive, custom keys. Each release is verified by the company's top official (CTO and CEO). In the further development of the company, the role of the Security Officer will be allocated, where there will be verification of releases from the CEO.

Infrastructure roadmap towards safety

  • Amazon7 web-services
  • Cloudflare
  • Comodo SS-certificate
  • Hashicorp VaulX
  • Blockchains security audit by Hacken, Certik, Blaze
  • Regularly penetration tested by Safe Base Security
  • SOC 2 Type I & Type II
  • ISO 27000 (iso 27001:2013, iso/iec 27002:2013-2022)
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • CCSS Level 3

Certification and compliance

We work with leading authorities in payments, custody, and compliance.