Our mission & vision

Our mission is to return ownership of money/assets to people and to enable trustworthy, instant and at near zero-cost transactions both in traditional and digital worlds.

To connect the world of cryptocurrency with traditional finance.

We create an opportunity for fast-growing digital assets to become a part of the payment world today.

Our goals

  • Fast payments with crypto in any country, regardless of nationality and other differences.
  • Paying with crypto is legal and safe, no matter where you store it.
  • Using crypto is as easy as fiat money.

We created the simplest crypto card weld in the world.

A weld card is an affordable, easy and legal way to pay for everyday expenses with crypto and other digital balances.

Our recent achievements


crypto card in Ukraine and CIS region


in the world who made NFT digital skin for VISA/MC cards

The Weld Money team consists of 45+ specialists who work in the development, design, marketing, and crypto analytics departments. The project is headed by three founders with deep experience in banking, IT and crypto.


Strategic partners

  • Magnus Capital
  • SingularityDAO
  • 7 O'Clock Capital
  • Kyrrex
  • Sumsub
  • Kaizen.Finance
  • NEAR
  • Amazon
  • Mastercard
  • UnexBank
  • Дія
  • OIG
  • Unizen
  • Crystal
  • Fireblocks
  • Concorde Capital